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Arnaud had claimed that the word came from Montagnais irnokué, meaning "terrible man", via the reduced form irokue.Day proposes a hypothetical Montagnais phrase irno kwédač, meaning "a man, an Iroquois", as the origin of this term.Basque fishermen and whalers are known to have frequented the waters of the Northeast in the 1500s, so much so that a Basque-based pidgin developed for communication with the Algonquian tribes of the region.Bakker claims that it is unlikely that "-quois" derives from a root specifically used to refer to the Iroquois, citing as evidence that several other Indian tribes of the region were known to the French by names terminating in the same element, e.g.Domestic Violence Program 1800 Syracuse Avenue, Norfolk, NE 68701 (402) 371-8834 – Norfolk area (402) 857-3341 – Niobrara area (402) 438-9222 – Lincoln area (402) 734-5275 – Omaha area (712) 258-0500 – Sioux City area Publications and Resources Battering Triangle Creator Wheel Publications and Resources Domestic Violence Facts- Women of Color Network Sexual Violence Facts- Women of Color Network Dating Violence Facts- Women of Color Network Elder Abuse Facts – Women of Color Network Websites Domestic and sexual violence occur in all relationships.However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS), individuals who self-identify as lesbian, gay, and bisexual have an equal or higher prevalence of experiencing IPV, SV, and stalking as compared to self-identified heterosexuals.Hale suggested instead that the term came from Huron, and was cognate with Mohawk ierokwa "they who smoke" or Cayuga iakwai "a bear". However, none of these etymologies gained widespread acceptance, and by 1978 Ives Goddard could write: "No such form is attested in any Indian language as a name for any Iroquoian group, and the ultimate origin and meaning of the name are unknown." A more modern etymology is that advocated by Gordon M.

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More recently, Peter Bakker has proposed a Basque origin for "Iroquois".For more information about this section of the NISVS, visit gov/violenceprevention/pdf/cdc_nisvs_victimization_Publications and Resources GLBT Intimate Partner Violence Brochure-English GLBT Intimate Partner Violence Brochure-Spanish GLBT Power and Control Wheel Open Minds Open Doors: Transforming Domestic Violence Programs to Include LGBTQ Survivors Websites Domestic and sexual violence occur in alarming numbers in all segments of society.